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Pharma Monitor

Many pharmaceuticals have a high toxic potential and serve side effects. This must be considered not only for patients, but also for persons handling substances like cytostatic drugs, antibiotics, immunosuppressors and hormones (doctors, pharmacists, nurses etc.).

Even though improved regulations on handling of CMR pharmaceuticals, environmental contaminations at hospitals, pharmacies and other health care centers were often observed. An efficient monitoring offers the possibility of evaluating the exposition level, identifying weak points, recognizing and suggesting strategies for improvement of precautionary measures and working methods when handling antineoplastic drugs and other dangerous pharmaceuticals. The basis for improving and evaluating efficiency is a regular monitoring which is planed thoroughly.
Next to prevention, also effective decontamination and cleaning management, technical and personnel protection equipment is necessary. This involves a regular training of the employees to achieve a high level of occupational health and safety.

Within the framework of commercial and research projects IUTA has developed the registered trade mark PharmaMonitor® with the three services Analysis, Cleaning & Training. The Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA) offers an innovative training for prevention of contaminations and improvement of occupational safety during handling of cytostatic drugs, evaluation of effective cleaning procedures and occupational monitoring.

In the field of cytostatic wipe sample analysis (analysis) IUTA cooperates with the company Berner International GmbH in Elmshorn, Germany. You can order the cytostatic wipe sample set PharmaMonitor from Berner International, with which surface contaminations can be verified quickly and easily.

Online-order of wipe sample kits


Monitoring-Effect Study of Wipe Sampling in Pharmacies

The MEWIP study was initiated and supported by the Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention in the Health and Welfare Services (BGW). The study was done in cooperation with IMSIE and IfAP e.V. Cologne.
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