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Pharma Analysis

Beside protective and training measures, handling of CMR compounds also requires a regular monitoring. Environmental and biological monitoring offers the possibility of evaluating the exposition level, identifying weak points, recognizing and suggesting strategies for improvement of precautionary measures and working methods. IUTA developed efficient and reliable methods for substance specific monitoring for the determination of different pharmaceuticals. Depending on the individual case, these methods can be used separately or combined. At present, IUTA is able to determine approximately 30 different cytostatic drugs and over 80 frequently used pharmaceuticals. These analytical methods can be used for wipe, textile, urine, air and water samples.
Our services are provided over 10 years for pharmacies, hospitals, health care centers, pharmaceutical industries and research institutes. Besides single compound analysis, we are specialized in multi compound analysis of antineoplastic drugs from one sample.

Our services

  • Pharmaceutical analysis: cytostatic drugs, antibiotics, immunosuppressives, hormones etc.
  • Environmental monitoring: surfaces, textiles, working materials, air, dust, water, validation of cleaning procedures etc.
  • Biomonitoring: urine, blood, sudor
  • Single analysis of about 110 different compounds, multi methods (e. g. MEWIP), total platinum and platinum species analysis (cis-, carbo and oxaliplatin)

Online-order of wipe sample kits


Dr. Claudia vom Eyser, Frau Christiane Balden
Phone: +49 (0)2065 418 190

Dr. Jochen Türk
Phone: +49 (0)2065 418 179

E-mail: analysis@Pharma-Monitor.de